Interactive Brochure iPad App

Turning taps and swipes into car sales, the
traditional sales brochure re-envisioned.


How JLOOP got involved

The Designory and Subaru approached us with the challenge of converting their digital car brochure into an iPad app, and that's just what we did. We dreamed up and developed the best interactive iPad app a car buyer could want, bringing meaningful results not only to our client but also to their customers.

Our Goals & Approach

In one of our tightest project timelines in JLOOP history, we worked closely with our partners to bring it home. For this project, we prioritized three main goals:

Goal Approach
1 Fill the need for forward-thinking mobile expertise We brought our distinct skill-set in user experience intelligence and creative use of technology to the project - paying special attention to maximizing the effectiveness of a touch interface. Swipe and Tap interactions were carefully composed so as never to obstruct the user's view of the product, and every interaction was carefully designed to deepen the buyer's understanding of the car.
2 Flexible and valuable agency collaboration From helping to design the project plan to providing development expertise and project management, we worked in collaboration with The Designory to become not just a partner but an extension of their team.
3 Deliver on-time under a very tight deadline In just eight weeks, we translated a digital brochure into an elegantly designed iPad app. Because we always consider future growth, our scalable development platform helped us to create eight additional apps within twelve months.

Our Success

Customers loved the experience of the app. Being able to play with every feature in a Subaru was like a virtual dressing room, allowing buyers to learn about the car inside and out. In turn, this gave buyers confidence in their buying decision, excited them about the Subaru brand, and converted into direct sales.

Knowing that we not only set our client on a path to re-envisioning the traditional car brochure but that also we made users' experience of buying a car that much better? Makes for a job well done.